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In order to make the children feel at home, our locations are furnished in a homely manner. The groups are spacious and have a lot of light. The interior is cosy and calm, with natural materials and colours. This way we ensure that children are not over-stimulated. We opt for wooden toys in not too many coulours and wooden furniture.

Natural materials and plenty of challenges

Each group at Akidemy provides plenty of challenges in the range of toys and materials. For example, there are objects available in each group for climbing and (learning to) crawl, and there is a playpen in each baby group. All the toys are sorted in baskets and have a known place in the cupboard. The children play in play areas and we eat and craft in small groups at the table.

At Akidemy, the interiors and variety of materials we offer ensure that:

  • children are challenged to train their skills, broaden their interests and process impressions.
  • children have the opportunity to experiment and interpret their needs and ideas in their own way.
  • the groups are ordered and structured in such way so that the children can make optimal use of them.

Freedom of movement and physical safety

Each group has a spacious playpen where the babies can play in peace and quiet. This gives your child enough room to move around and master all its transition phases – lying, rolling, crawling, sitting, standing and walking – themselves. The playpen provides a safe environment while simultaneously enabling the younger babies to easily maintain contact with the other children in the group. The older babies explore the group by investigating it themselves. And as they do so, they come across lots of different objects that they can collect, sort or stack.

All the groups are designed in such a way that your child can move around safely and can be looked after properly. When your child is asleep, we check in on them on a regular basis. Our teachers are trained annually in First Aid for Children and they check the agreements made regarding physical safety with each other several times a year. We do everything we can to ensure a safe environment for children.

Our Four-Eyes Principle means that at least two employees are watching your child at all times. This means that all the groups at a location are linked to each other by means of a connecting glass door. Whether a small group is playing outside with a teacher, or your child is being put to bed: a colleague is always watching or listening. The Four-Eyes Principle also creates an open working atmosphere in which our staff can evaluate each other, which helps us improve the quality of our childcare.

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