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Quality Control Daycare

Akidemy is not only a daycare, but also a social enterprise and is focused on providing modern and age-appropriate care. We expect the best from our staff and thus offer the highest quality for your children.

  • We emphasize outstanding quality assurance in order to provide excellent services. 
  • We maintain constructive communication with various stakeholders.
  • We ensure that public requirements are always met and that the necessary permits are complied with.
  • We follow various quality guidelines that specify requirements for employee conditions, qualifications as well as coordination of the operational activities of a childcare center.


We follow the quality control guidelines from the conference of social directors of the canton (SODK).


We follow the suggestions from the political conference of responsible people for the safety of children and young people (KKJP).


All our employees have to abide by the Code of Conduct of the association of day care centers in Switzerland (kibesuisse).

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