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Birth and Postpartum Preparation for Couples - Course Language is English

Get inspiration and information from a midwife and a coach and father — for birth and beyond.

Becoming parents is one of the biggest adventures you can face in life. It brings joy, challenges, and new issues you could never have imagined.

This three-evening antenatal class for couples provides information and inspiration on how to undertake this exciting journey healthily and happily in your unique way as a couple.

This course is perfect for you if you

  • are expectant parents, ideally 1.5 to 5 months before due date at the time of the course
  • seek inspiration – for the birth, but also for the postpartum and the changes in your life as a couple
  • like a course where each evening is designed for men and women
  • want to profit from three instructors (f/m) with different expertise
  • want to recognize your own needs and wishes
  • prefer to visit the birth preparation course in English
  • seek out for a cosy and calm environment

What can you expect from the three sessions?

First evening - the birth
How is the process of a birth? What do you want to know about the birth? What are your own wishes and needs regarding the birth? What do you expect and require from your partner?
- Led by the midwife

Second evening – the postpartum period
What can we prepare for a laid-back and self-determined start after birth? How can we reconcile the needs of both, the baby and us parents? What is important with regard to breastfeeding, sleeping and family-time?
- Led by the midwife, the coach and the carrying consultant

Third evening – being parents & being a couple
How can we maintain our love? How can we create space for our relationship? What do I expect and desire for our relationship as parents?
- Led by the coach & father and the midwife & mother


Rebekka Erdin – Midwife & familylab Instructor

My name is Rebekka Erdin. 

‘I am accompanying couples before birth, families in the postpartum period and parents of small and bigger children for many years. On this journey, it has become very important to me that there is no right or wrong – but the unique path of every parent, every child and every couple to look out for.’

Why is Rebekka the right person?

  • She has many years of experience as a midwife, instructor, counsellor – and as a mother and partner herself.
  • She works in a midewife-team in Zurich-North, accompanying couples and families before and after birth at home.
  • She studied midwifery, environmental sciences, statistics and adult education. Rebekka has a passion for coaching individuals and groups to promote health and growth for both parents and children.


Michael Kuhnen – Certified Systemic Coach & Counsellor

My name is Michael Kuhnen

‘It is particularly important to me that parents-to-be can prepare together for the new circumstances in their relationship before the birth. So that they can become parents with great love - and remain a happy couple.’

Why is Michael the right person?

  • He is a father of two children himself and knows how the couple relationship can change in the family constellation. 
  • He has several years of experience in counseling couples and individuals.
  • He is experienced in counseling men in birth preparation courses.


When and Where


Wednesday, March 13th 2024 from 19.00 to 21.30h
Wednesday, March 20th 2024 from 19.00 to 21.30h
Wednesday, March 27th 2024 from 19.00 to 21.30h

  • The course is held by the midwife Rebekka Erdin, the coach & counsellor Michael Kuhnen and the carrying consultant Miriam Sourlier.
  • Small group of 3 to 6 couples.
  • Course language is English.

The course is for all pregnant couples - Akidemy clients and non-clients.


At Akidemy Rigiplatz, directly at Tram-Station “Seilbahn Rigiblick”, Rigiplatz (Culmannstrasse 101), 8006 Zürich

Public transport: Centrally located at Tram-Station “Seilbahn Rigiblick”

Car: There are a few public parking spaces at Ottiker-/Culmannstrasse. 

Costs for the evening course:

CHF 350.00 for clients of the Akidemy Day Cares

CHF 380.00 for all other couples (non-clients of Akidemy Rigiplatz)

The health insurance company (Krankenkasse) will cover at least CHF 150 of the costs (see FAQ).

Please register directly with the team of ‘Die Geburtsvorbereitung’ at:

If you are a client of Akidemy Day Cares, state this under comment to get the discount.
Limited spots available. 

For questions you can reach out to the instructor-team at:

In cooperation with www.die-geburtsvorbereitung.ch



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