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The Akidemy Culture

We want to do more for children and achieve more as an organization. Connection with each other is very important to us and essential to be a community. 

Akidemy is for the whole family, including you as a parent. We are an ambitious organization where everyone is equal, where we treat each other respectfully and work together based on trust. 

Our Day Care events and Akidemy Academy courses facilitate parent-to-parent connections and interactions. 

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The Akidemy Community

Friendships matter, especially as a parent. Having friends who are also parents can really help navigate the choppy waters that come with raising kids.

We support our parents to meet other parents by organizing events at the Day Care, such as breakfasts, summer parties, evenings. Or also by organizing our Akidemy Academy parental courses.
Having fellow parenting friends helps feel more supported as you face a variety of stages and challenges with your kids. Connecting gives a chance to normalize ages and stages with other parents who are experiencing it.  
At Akidemy, we offer different possibilities to be part of a community - if you want to. 


We take time for handovers at the beginning and end of the day and discuss how your child is feeling and what is going on. You can always contact us with questions about your child's education and development. We are happy to share our knowledge with you and regularly organize (on- and offline) parent training and we give internal and external experts a platform during Akidemy Academy.

In addition to the verbal transfers, we have the Akidemy-App. This is an App with which you can experience your child's day at Akidemy. For example, when your child is with us, you will receive photos via the App and at the end of the afternoon you can read in the digital diary how the day went. You can also arrange all administrative matters via the App, such as register your holiday or inform of absences due to sickness.

  • View and download photos of your child.
  • Read the digital diary (again).
  • Send and receive messages to the teachers of the group.
  • Report absence.
  • Read news items.

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