Bilingual Day Care Bilinguale Kita

Pedagogical Approach

The interests and needs of each child are close to Akidemy's heart. It is important to care for the children in a loving, respectful and compassionate manner and to ensure that they are able to face age-appropriate challenges.

Each child has its own personality. Qualified professionals are trained to recognize these differences and teach children how to integrate socially within the group. In this way, we ensure that no child is excluded.

The foundation on which development takes place

The development of young children can only take place when emotional security is strengthened.

A child must also be able to rely on seeing familiar faces in the group. By always being honest and sincere and communicating with the children at eye level, we establish emotional security. By recognizing their behavior, needs and feelings, we also ensure that the children feel seen and heard.

We demonstrate that we are accessible to each child by responding to sounds, requests, or initiatives to make contact. We make children feel comfortable and safe, as this is the first step in the next stages of development.

Our staff is our greatest strength. With their knowledge, experience and love, they are the people who take care of your child, nurture their development and offer them a home away from home. And this every day!

This is the difference between an ordinary daycare and Akidemy. From our care team and group leadership to our site management, all of our staff are passionate, positive professionals.

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