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Our Employees Support Future Generations

Our employees work in a team where trust and mutual respect are paramount. They are enterprising and full of positive energy. Every day, they are dedicated to working toward the same goal:

Shaping the generations of the future

Because today's children are shaping tomorrow's world. That's why we challenge children, stimulate their creativity and teach them to think in solutions. We teach them how to fall, but most importantly, how to get back up. So that they are equipped for the future.

We can't imagine a more beautiful profession!

Our Corporate Culture

It goes without saying that we are caring towards our children, act competently and treat each other with respect. But these are only basic requirements. Our team is characterized by strength and positive energy. This is what unites us. We practice our profession with joy and offer the children a second home. We are a team in which one can develop freely.

We maintain a good relationship with each other. Because when you have a good and pleasant team around you, the work is more fun and you can contribute even better to the development of the children.

  • Our wonderful teams work every day to provide the best development for young children. Their goal is to bring out the best for children, parents and themselves.
  • The Akidemy staff wants to learn, grow and constantly improve. With us, they can actively contribute themselves and their ideas to ensure that we meet the highest quality standards.
  • We recruit qualified personnel and promote the individual development of each and every one of them.
  • We offer our employees above-average working conditions and provide them with further training opportunities so that they can look forward to new challenges and development.
  • We value their work.
Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

We believe in a better world and every day we build generations that contribute to it. Learn more about us, our vision, goals and values.

Our Locations

Our Locations

We are at home in Zurich and the surrounding area. Our daycare centers are easily accessible by public transport and by car. Would you like to see what our rooms look like? Come and visit us!



Would you like to work for us as a teacher? Are you looking for an internship in the field of education? Here you can find out which vacancies we currently have!

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